Why Location, Time of Day, and Clothing are Important for Maternity Photoshoot

Congratulations to the mom-to-be! Finding out that you’re pregnant is an incredible feeling. I remember when I found out I was pregnant—both times—my heart nearly burst with joy. As a maternity photographer in Columbia, SC, I get to relive that magic every time I work with expectant moms like you.

A maternity photoshoot is the perfect way to preserve this wonderful time of your life. One day you’ll flip through those photos with your baby all grown up, saying, “See? This is when you were just a little peanut in my tummy!”

When it comes to maternity photoshoots, a ton of mamas ask me, “Lynn-d, what’s the secret sauce for drop-dead gorgeous maternity photos?” And I always say, “It’s all in the details!” During my pregnancy, I found that a decent photo can become an “Oh my God, I can not stop staring at it” masterpiece with the appropriate setting, timing, and attire.

Location: The Background for Your Story

Think of your photoshoot location as the canvas for your beautiful story. When choosing where to have your maternity session, consider places that resonate with your heart. Maybe it’s the park where you and your partner love to have picnics, or perhaps the cozy nursery you’ve been lovingly preparing. These personal spots add a layer of meaning to your photos.

For example, you can choose to have your maternity photoshoot at your favorite beach, where you and your partner had your first date! This will make the photos so much more meaningful and special.

Outdoor Settings

In Columbia, we’re blessed with gorgeous outdoor locations. Imagine the golden sunlight filtering through the trees at a local park or the serene water views at a nearby lake. These settings provide a sense of peace and natural beauty that complements your own radiant glow.

Indoor Options

Don’t rule out indoor locations! Your home, especially areas like the nursery or your sun-drenched living room, can offer a wonderfully intimate atmosphere. When I photograph mamas-to-be in their homes, there’s a special comfort and authenticity that shine through. Or we can choose to photograph you in my naturally lit studio!

The Magic Hour: Why Time of Day is Important

The time of day truly impacts how your photos turn out. Through years of experience, I’ve learned that not all hours are the same when it comes to photography.

Golden Hour

Have you heard of the “golden hour”? It is that enchanted moment right before or right after sunrise. I always suggest scheduling your session during these hours. Why? This gentle lighting is incredibly flattering. It bathes you in a beautiful glow, enhancing your radiant mama-to-be aura and creating a serene, dreamlike quality in your photos.

Cloudy Days

What if your schedule doesn’t allow for a sunrise or sunset shoot? No worries! Overcast days are a hidden gem. The clouds act like a giant softbox, diffusing the light evenly. This means no harsh shadows or squinting—just a beautiful, even glow.





Dressing Your Bump: The Impact of Clothing

Oh, the joy and sometimes stress of deciding what to wear! As a photographer, I understand the desire to feel beautiful, comfortable, and true to yourself during this special time.

The Client Closet

That’s why I’ve curated a special client closet filled with maternity gowns designed to make you feel like a goddess. These aren’t just any dresses—they’re carefully chosen to drape beautifully over your curves, celebrating your changing body.

Flowy and Free

Long, flowing dresses are my absolute favorites for maternity shoots. Not only do they elongate your silhouette, but when caught in the ocean breeze at places like Folly Beach or in the gentle wind at Columbia Park, they create this stunning movement. It’s pure magic on camera!

Colors and Texture

  • Soft tones (blush, sage, sky blue): Perfect for natural settings and golden hour
  • Deep hues (navy, burgundy): Striking for sunset beach sessions
  • Textures (lace, soft florals): Add lovely visual interest

Comfort is Queen

Above all, pick something that makes you feel amazing. There is nothing more elegant than wearing confidence as an accessory. When you feel good, it radiates through every photo. That’s why I offer styling assistance—to help you find pieces that not only look stunning but also feel wonderfully comfortable.

Creating Timeless Memories

As a maternity photographer in Columbia, SC, my passion is to offer you a beautiful, stress-free experience. This photoshoot is more than just pictures—it’s about celebrating your journey, your strength, and the incredible life you’re nurturing.

By choosing a meaningful location, the perfect time of day, and outfits that make you shine, we’ll create a collection of images that will forever preserve this miraculous chapter.

To talk about your maternity photo session, get in touch with me right away.