3 Popular Baby Registry Welcome Boxes: Babylist, Amazon, and Target

Preparing for a newborn’s arrival is an exciting time filled with stocking up on essentials, designing the nursery, and creating a baby registry. The baby registry provides loved ones with a curated checklist of gifts, and it often comes with a delightful perk: free welcome boxes from retailers!

These welcome boxes are packed with coveted samples, product trials, coupons, and even full-sized gifts to help families prepare for their new adventure. If you’re starting a baby registry, be sure to look out for these top three fan-favorite welcome boxes from Babylist, Amazon, and Target.

1. The Babylist Hello Baby Box

A Hello Baby Box allows an amazing try-before-you-buy experience perfect for narrowing down your registry essentials.

What is inside a Hello Baby Box?

It’s a surprise for you! It contains tried-and-true brand samples and products handpicked by their experts. In this welcome box, you will find products, offers, samples, and coupons that you can test and try and decide which ones are the best for your baby and you. The products vary for each welcome box. Past recipients rave about the thoughtful assortment and how helpful the trials were.

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How to get a Hello Baby Box?

To qualify for this free welcome box, you’ll need to:

  • Create a Babylist baby registry. (For this, you will need to provide your first and last name, baby’s arrival date, and valid U.S. shipping address.)
  • Add 3 items from Babylist shop and 3 items from other stores.
  • Complete 40% of their baby registry checklist.
  • Make a $30 minimum purchase from Babylist shop.
  • Get your address verified, and pay just $8.95 + tax (where applicable) for shipping.
    Once received, you can test and try different swaddles, bottles, diapers and more from top brands to see what works best for your little one.
    What to Know About the Hello Baby Box
  • Hello Baby Box is often shipped within a week.
  • The items in the box are intended for babies under 2 to 3 months.
  • The Hello Baby Box orders cannot be combined with other Babylist shop orders.
  • No shipping is available for U.S. Territories or international addresses.
  • $30 Babylist Shop purchase can be done by you or can be an item purchased by a Gift Giver.
  • Surcharge fee for orders shipping to Alaska and Hawaii

2.The Amazon Welcome Box

When it comes to baby registries, Amazon is hard to beat – and their coveted Welcome Box is widely considered the cream of the crop for free offerings.

What’s inside an Amazon Welcome Box?

Unlike some other welcome boxes that are more sample-focused, the Amazon box often includes bigger ticket items like a cotton swaddle blanket, onesie, teething toy, diaper, wipe samples, and more alongside trial-size items. While the exact contents change, parents consistently rave about the wonderful mix of useful keepsakes and product trials.

How to Get an Amazon Welcome Box?

• Become an Amazon Prime member and create a baby registry.
• Add a minimum of 10 items from Amazon’s registry checklist.
• Make over $10 worth of purchases or someone may make those purchases as a gift for you (excluding gift cards, shipping, or tax)
• Once eligible for a welcome box, the button Claim Now will appear on the left side of the registry.
• Click Claim Now and the Welcome Box will be added to your shopping cart.
• If you see $35 added to your cart, don’t be bothered as it will be credited at check out.

What to Know About Amazon Welcome Boxes

• Welcome boxes by Amazon are subject to availability but may arrive within a few days once the order is placed.
• The box inventory is known to run out occasionally. You can set up notification alerts to know when the items are back in stock.
• The shipping is not available for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Territories, and Freely Associated States

3.The Target Welcome Kit

Target’s baby registry is easy to claim in addition to being filled with over $100 worth of savings and samples.

    What’s Inside a Target Welcome Kit?

    Inside the reusable tote bag, you’ll find an array of trial-size items like pacifiers, diapers, wipes, baby skincare, nipple pads, detergent samples, etc. from trusted brands. But the real value comes from the high-value Target Circle coupons and exclusive savings automatically uploaded straight to your account after scanning the welcome kit’s barcode.

    How to Get a Target Welcome Kit?

    • Join the Target Circle for free.
    Create a baby registry and add 10 unique items. Their smart checklist crosses off items as you add items to the registry.
    • Do a shopping worth over $10 from your registry (it can be done by you or others)

    Once you create a baby registry, you’ll receive a barcode to pick up your Welcome Kit from any Target store or get the kit shipped to you. Free shipping is available if you spend a minimum of $35.

    What to Know About the Target Welcome Kit

    • After you complete the steps, wait for 24-48 hours for the coupon to be issued. The limit is one coupon per year.
    • Once a coupon is available, you can find it on your registry dashboard along with other Target Circle bonuses.
    • You can pick up the welcome kit as soon as it is completed from a Target store near you. Or, you can get it delivered to you.
    • If you plan to pick up, I recommend calling first to see if your Welcome Kit is available for pickup.

    Which Welcome Box is Right for You and Your Baby?

    Every family has different needs and priorities, so there’s no definitive “best” free welcome box. If you want to try multiple brands before investing in full product sets, the Babylist Hello Baby Box is a great choice, despite some requirements.

    For maximum value and quality freebies, Amazon’s premium offerings are hard to beat, though there might be restocking delays. If you prefer hassle-free savings and convenience, Target’s Welcome Kit is ideal for stacking up on valuable product discounts with ease.

    No matter which welcome box you choose, signing up for one or more of these baby registry welcome boxes gives you the chance to test and try items and stock up on affordable supplies before your little one arrives. With the sleep-deprived newborn phase approaching, every freebie counts!