Lynn-D Gunter Photography is honored to be a "preferred children's portrait photographer" for "Feltman Brothers" in capturing timeless Southern traditional Heirloom Children's Portraits.

Sittings take place at my home studio in the Columbia, SC area. Sittings are quick and fun for children and last about 15 minutes per child. 

All sittings are photographed indoors, using professional studio lighting. After your session you will receive a proof gallery of the best images from your session. The intent of these sittings is to provide heirloom prints and frames to display in your home.  I do not offer high resolution digital images. My pricing structure is easy to understand and includes a fine art print from your session, perfect to display in your home. 

Children's Heirloom Portrait photography Columbia, Lexington SC

Capturing the essence of childhood

Traditional Heirloom Portraits Columbia, SC

 What sets heirloom portrait photography apart? Everything revolves around the details of the session. From the cautiously organized dress and styling to the dazzling proficient lighting, each component meets up to make a stunning picture that really stands for an extremely long period.

Envision your little one wearing a dazzling, exemplary troupe, their lovely eyes shimmering with curiosity and wonder. These pictures are something other than photos - they're a window into the actual soul of experience growing up.

The Excellence of Heirloom Portraits

Hello, people in Columbia, Lexington, Casey, Chapin, Irmo, and Forest Acres area! I'm so eager to communicate with you about something genuinely extraordinary - heirloom portrait photography. As a mother myself, I understand how rapidly those valuable childhood years fly by. Now, you are cradling your newborn, and the next, they're full grown and leaving the home.
This is the reason I'm energetic about capturing the essence of young life through timeless, heirloom portraits. These aren't your typical photos - they're masterpieces that will transport you back to those loved moments for years to come.

A Tailored Experienced   

As an heirloom portrait photographer in Columbia, SC, I value myself for making a warm, inviting climate where your kid can feel good and calm. My home studio is a comfortable, welcoming space designed to put even the shyest little ones at ease.

During my heirloom photography session, I will take some time to capture your kid's special characteristics and spirit. Whether they're an energizer bunny or a quiet observer, I'll do something amazing to guarantee those valuable moments are everlastingly saved.

The Ideal Token

At the point when you put resources into heirloom portrait photography, you're not simply getting a photo - you're getting a prized family legacy. These immortal pieces are intended to be shown proudly in your home, helping you to remember the joy and wonder of experience growing up with each look.

Imagine passing down these delightful portraits to your grandkids and great-grandkids, sharing the stories and memories behind every single one. That is the original power of heirloom portraits - they become your a piece of your family's heritage.

Book Your Session with Me Today

Without wasting any time searching "children's timeless portraits near me", connect with me for seamless and exciting heirloom portrait photography in Columbia, SC and nearby areas, which include Lexington, Casey, Chapin, Irmo, and Forest Acers. I very much want to hear from you!

As an heirloom photographer, I'm here to capture those transient moments before they're gone. Connect today to plan your consultation, and we will make something genuinely exceptional together. Your little one's experience growing up is a valuable gift – I will make sure that it's captured for eternity.