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Pregnancy is a transformative journey filled with profound emotions, physical changes, and an overwhelming sense of anticipation. Maternity photography goes beyond just capturing a moment – it encapsulates the essence of this remarkable journey and holds immense significance for several reasons

Maternity photography columbia, sC

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The Experience

The stress of your newborn and family photography portrait can be overwhelming. That's why I have created a photography experience serving you and capturing the beautiful connection of your family.   From wardrobe styling, hair & makeup, to the installation of your artwork. I am here to care for the finest of details while ensuring your families legacy is preserved for generations.

01. Wardrobe and Planning Appointment

02. Session Day

03. Virtual Ordering Appointment

04. Order Delivery

a full service experience serving busy mothers who want custom artwork for their home!

Once your session is reserved, we will begin our planning of wardrobe and select location. We will talk about kids and dad and how to get you the look you are hoping for for your family portraits. 

My hair and makeup artist, will come right to your home! She will get you all glammed up!

Then we'll have a relaxed and fun session together where I'll even get your husband to smile!

We'll meet again to select the perfect images and artwork to display in your home. I will show you custom gallery wall designs I've made for your home and we'll choose your images for your album. You'll place your order at this meeting. 

About 4-10 weeks later, your beautiful artwork will be ready to pick up and enjoy in your home! 

Pregnancy is a period of immense beauty, expectation, and change. As an expectant mother, you have the right to have these valuable moments saved everlastingly through the specialty of maternity photography. In Lexington, SC, and the nearby regions, including Columbia, Casey, Chapin, Irmo, and Forest Acers, I spend significant time capturing the brilliance and delight of this unimaginable journey.

A Celebration of Life and Love

At the point when you look for a "maternity photographer near me", you're not simply planning a photoshoot - you're beginning the celebration of life and love. My methodology revolves around making a comfortable and enjoyable experience, permitting your genuine feelings and connections to radiate through.
Whether it's the delicate touch of your partner's hand on your baby bump or the energized expectation of your existing children, these treasured moments will be immortalized in ageless pictures.

The Session Experience

Your maternity photography session is a cooperative journey where I guide you through each step, guaranteeing you feel comfortable and easy. I will look for the beautiful outdoor areas or the comfort of your own home, whichever depicts your vision. With a sharp eye for detail and energy for storytelling, I will beautifully capture the intricacies of your pregnancy, from the curve of your belly to the sparkle of your brilliant smile.

Customized and Timeless Photographic Artwork

As an experienced maternity photographer in Columbia, SC, my process doesn't end with the session itself. After carefully capturing your pictures, we'll sit together and plan your dream photographic artwork - an immortal collection of prints, albums, or wall art that will enhance your home's aesthetic for years. These treasured pieces will act as a constant reminder of the affection, strength, and happiness that characterized this striking chapter in your life.

A Legacy for Your Loved Ones

As a maternity photographer in Columbia, SC, I want to make something beyond photos - I endeavor to create a legacy for your loved ones. Years from now, when your little one has grown, these pictures will take you back to the anticipation, the expectations, and the dreams that made you indescribably pleased during this holy time. They'll act as a demonstration of the solid connection between you and your kid, a bond that started sometime before their appearance.

Contact Me Today and Celebrate Your Journey

Whether you're enthusiastically anticipating your most memorable kid or adding another addition to your growing family, your maternity process should be celebrated and appreciated. Allow me to be your narrator, capturing the raw feelings, the delicate moments, and the unrivaled magnificence that characterizes this fantastic experience.
Reach me today to plan your maternity photography in Lexington, SC, or the nearby regions, and I will make an immortal story that will be loved for generations to come.