What to Wear for Outdoor Summer Family Session

Preparing for an outdoor family photography session during the summer months can be exciting but distressing as well when it comes to choosing what to wear. You want your family members to look cohesive but without affecting everybody’s character. With the help of the following tips, you can choose outfits that will make you all feel confident and easy while making wonderful, immortal memories.

Coordinating Colors 

One of the main things to remember is to coordinate tones instead of wearing overly paired outfits. Begin by choosing a variety range of 3-4 complementary shades that you love. Neutrals like khaki, denim, white, cream, and soft pinks/blues are generally a safe decision. Then, ask every family member to wear various shades within the selected range, keeping away from anything excessively bright or overcrowded with designs.

Dress for the Location

Think about the area and setting for your photography session. For an open, natural setting like a recreation area or field, flowy dresses, linen pieces, and lighter fabrics are perfect for photos. If it’s a more styled metropolitan session, carrying casual looks in solid colors can be exceptionally stylish. Look for examples that fit your requirements to get motivated.

summer session

Layer Up

Feel free to add layers and textured pieces – they make visual interest and dimensions in your photographs. Lightweight sweatshirts, vests, scarves, caps, and coats are wonderful layering pieces. Stay away from something too bulky that might feel excessively warm on a summer day.

Outdoor Photography session

Prioritize Breathability 

Talking about warmth, breathable natural cloth materials are key for staying comfortable outdoors during a summer photography session. Lightweight cotton, linens, and quality weaves avoid overheating as they all smooth airflow. You’ll need to keep away from anything too heavy like wool or thick materials that could make you sweat.

Think About Shoes

What you wear on your feet matters as well! Closed-toe shoes like sandals, loafers, boat shoes, or sneakers are great picks as they allow you to move around without any problem. Avoid flip-flops or anything too sporty or casual. Stay away from heels for your safety when the terrain is uneven.

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Kid-Friendly is Best

When deciding for the kids, comfort should be your priority. Make sure that they have the option to run, hop, and play without any restrictions. Pick delicate, stretchy textures with no irritating labels, buttons, or embellishments. While you want their outfits to coordinate, don’t compel them into something too fancy or constrictive that might lead to implosions. The important here is to capture their natural joy and silly activities.


By implementing these simple tips, you can outfits that can bring out the natural beauty of your family and create photographs you’ll love for a lifetime. In particular, don’t stress yourself! Your family photographer in Columbia is there to make you feel easy and confident during the session.