Want to preserve those heartfelt moments with your favorite tiny people?

When you look at your photographs years from now, I want them to take you back to that very moments and help you remember exactly what it felt like to hold those little hands in yours.

For me, I want to dig deeper with you and your family, and capture those real moments that go on in your life.  I want the photographs from our time together to reflect the true connections and real love that is present within your family.  

Lifestyle family photography is the best way to document your family’s love in the most authentic and beautiful way. This style of photography is simply you, your family, interacting in a natural environment. When I am with you, I want it to feel as if we are on a playdate. My style of shooting is slow-paced, intentional, but most importantly, all of my images are heart-centred. 

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The Experience

The stress of your newborn and family photography portrait can be overwhelming. That's why I have created a photography experience serving you and capturing the beautiful connection of your family.   From wardrobe styling, hair & makeup, to the installation of your artwork. I am here to care for the finest of details while ensuring your families legacy is preserved for generations.

01. Wardrobe and Planning Appointment

02. Session Day

03. Virtual Ordering Appointment

04. Order Delivery

a full service experience serving busy mothers who want custom artwork for their home!

Once your session is reserved, we will begin our planning of wardrobe and select location. We will talk about kids and dad and how to get you the look you are hoping for for your family portraits. 

My hair and makeup artist, will come right to your home! She will get you all glammed up!

Then we'll have a relaxed and fun session together where I'll even get your husband to smile!

We'll meet again to select the perfect images and artwork to display in your home. I will show you custom gallery wall designs I've made for your home and we'll choose your images for your album. You'll place your order at this meeting. 

About 4-10 weeks later, your beautiful artwork will be ready to pick up and enjoy in your home! 

During your family photo shoot in Columbia, SC, or the nearby regions, I will carve out an opportunity to get to know you and your friends and family. I will share stories, and make an environment that permits your family's extraordinary characters to radiate through. It's these authentic, unscripted moments that really make family photography unique.

Whether you're in the state of mind for an outdoor experience or favor the comfort of your own home, I will work with you to make a customized experience that suits your family's requirements. From the energetic shades of a nearby park to the comfortable environment of your home, each area offers its own interesting appeal and storytelling potential.

Appreciating the Occasions, For eternity

At the point when you glance back at your family photos years from now, I want them should transport you right back to those esteemed moments. The manner in which your kid's eyes are illuminated with amazement, the manner in which your partner's hand fits totally in yours - these are the details that genuinely matter, and I will ensure they're caught with absolute attention to detail and creativity.

Spending your hard-earned money on family photography in Columbia, SC, or the nearby regions like Lexington, Chapin, Irmo, or Forest Acres is an interest in safeguarding your family's heritage. These timeless pictures will become cherished legacies, passed down from one age to another, helping you to remember the affection that binds you together

Capturing Your Family's StoryHeading

If you are prepared to praise the unique bond that your family shares, connect with me today. I will work closely with you to create a customized experience that captures the essence of your family as well as leaves you with treasured memories that will endure forever.

Try not to neglect those valuable moments. Reach me now and end your search for a "family photographer near me" in Columbia, SC, or the nearby regions. Your family's story should be told, and I am here to assist you with telling it wonderfully.

A Customized Insight

If you are looking for a "family photographer near me" in Columbia, SC or the nearby regions like Lexington, Chapin, Irmo, or Forest Acres? Look no further! I have some expertise in capturing the essence of your family through timeless and genuine family photography.

Something is very special about the moments you share with your friends and family. Whether it's the irresistible chuckling of your little ones, the delicate hug of your partner, or the comforting laughter shared between generations, these are the moments that really matter.

At our photography studio, I understand the significance of safeguarding these short-lived moments. I want to establish a comfortable and informal setting where your family can act naturally. No constrained poses or awkward smiles - certified associations and genuine love caught from my photographic lens.

"He' s already grown so much. Time is going so fast! This was by far the best investment that we made!!!"
- Amanda O (Baby's First Year Client)

Omg Lynn-D I am so in-love. These pictures are so dreamy.
- Melissa K.

Lynn-D you are so talented! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
- Carolina F.


Session Fee $250. Products and files sold separately.