Family Portrait Styling Tips │ What to Wear

I’ve made a list of my best family portrait styling tips. Are you having trouble with what to wear? I am here to help you get the most out of your investment when booking family portraits.

Tips for Family Portrait Styling

Tip 1: Determine your color palette

I recommend a soft, neutral palette. The best colors to photograph are whites, creams, beiges, soft blues, soft mauve pinks, soft “sagey” greens. Avoid bold colors and wild prints at all cost! They tend to take the focus away from the family and instead put emphasis on the colors/prints and not the subjects.


Tip 2: Start with mom

The entire session needs to be styled around her. After all, she is the glue that holds the family together. I always want Mom to feel her most beautiful. I even encourage Mom to get her hair and make up done for her portrait. I understand investing in portraits is something that some families only do every so often. Why not get the most out of it by feeling your most beautiful? Once we figure out moms outfit, the rest falls into place.

Columbia-Family-Photographer-what-to-wear-outfit-for-mom-blush-mauve color


Tip 3: Figure out the kids

Focus on 3 things. 1) Adding texture (different combinations of fabrics), 2) layers (adding cardigans or jackets), and 3) design (small patterns). Our texture below is the knit jumper and the cream cardigan and our design is added by a small patterned dress that doesn’t dominate the session.


Tip 4: Finish with Dad 

Isn’t it funny how Dad always goes with the flow? Men are the easiest. I always tell moms, “we can usually just pull dads outfit from the closet.” I say stick to a neutral pull over, sweater, or button up with no branding on it with khaki, navy or neutral colored pants. Oh yeah, one more thing, dads, please don’t come in sneakers. Yikes!



Tip 5: Leave the jeans at home

Okay, I am guilty of it too. Many times in the past I invested a lot of money into family portraits and we showed up to the session with jeans on. Now, when looking back at the pictures, I find myself wishing I had left the jeans at home and upgraded to a beautiful, stylish dress. I am not anti-jean. When done correctly a styled jean can be an amazing look. check these out: jeans.


Here it is, The final look. What do you think?

Columbia-Family-Photographer-what-to-wear-style-board- for-full-family


In closing, you have decided to invest your hard-earned money into family portraits, why not get the most out of your investment by dressing the part? Thankfully, clients who book full sessions with me don’t have to worry about the stress of pulling outfits together as that service is provided for them.

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I am Lynn-D Gunter and I am a Columbia Family Photographer. I am a luxury newborn, baby, and family photographer. I am a one stop shop and provide my clients with a unique luxurious experience with providing family portrait styling services, prints and framing!

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