Columbia SC Baby’s First Year Photographer

Are you considering hiring me as your Columbia SC Baby’s First Year photographer? I would love to document multiple sessions throughout your baby’s first year for you! After being asked by multiple clients to help them understand the benefits of opting for the membership over a single session, I decided to write a blog post to reference when you’re on the fence of deciding which option is better for you.

Here are a few reasons I created my Baby’s First Year Membership. To start, this is perfect for clients who want to have multiple sessions for their family or baby as they grow!

Four reasons why you should do a Baby’s First Year Membership Plan

Consistency in your images: Every photographer possesses their own style. By entrusting the same photographer for all your sessions, you guarantee a uniform style throughout. This results in a stunning and unified look in your baby’s heirloom album or gallery wall.

Chronological Storytelling: Employing the same Columbia SC Baby’s First Year photographer enables them to document your baby’s first year through chronological story telling. By that I mean, we will document every important milestone: newborn, sitter, and finally wobbler. This creates a cohesive chronological narrative, documenting your baby’s progression and development over the year! From maternity to newborn to one year, each milestone is artistically depicted with a distinctive perspective.

Cost Benefits: Becoming a membership client gives you access to exclusive pricing such as discounts on custom artwork and discounted gallery pricing. These are discounts that single session clients cannot take advantage of. Additionally, having your sessions planned out and paid for in advance ensures you don’t miss out on documenting any crucial milestones.

Ease of Planning: Scheduling multiple sessions with different photographers can become a challenge. Not only that, but not when it comes to printing your work. many photographers do not have the rights to document someone else’s portraits into an album for you. Sticking to one photographer streamlines this process, making it easier to plan and manage appointments, so you can be more relaxed and have that come through in your images.

If you are interested in learning more about the Columbia SC Baby’s First Year plan click here to get in touch.